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What do I do after my building floods

A flood on your commercial property can potentially cause a number of problems, especially for the continuation of the business. Here are a few tips to help avo... READ MORE

What is Mitigation?

Mitigation means "to lessen," and in our case mitigation lessens the damage. It is important to mitigate your water loss as quickly as possible to minimize the ... READ MORE

Different Ways to Clean Up Water

There are several different ways to clean up and restore your water damage and it all depends on where the water came from. For example, a water loss from a bro... READ MORE

Commercial Damage in Cedar Bluff, TN

The worst situation to find your business in is waling through the doors in the morning to a severe water loss. SERVPRO of Cedar Bluff understands the stress an... READ MORE

What can I do to help?

The worst thing to come home to after a long day at work is water damage throughout your home. That is exactly what these West Haven, TN, homeowners came home t... READ MORE

Ceiling Damage in Cedar Bluff, TN

After a water loss event in this Cedar Bluff, TN, home, our SERVPRO of Cedar Bluff team was given a call and our team proceeded to head over. This home had a wa... READ MORE

Knoxville Water Damage

The standing water from the rainstorm has begun to warp and lift the hardwood flooring in this Knoxville home. Our SERVPRO technicians can quickly remove the vi... READ MORE

Hardwood Water Damage

A broken water line soaked into the hardwood flooring of this home in Knoxville while the residents were away. The best course of action was to remove some of t... READ MORE

Fallen Tree Knoxville

This damage is a result of a tree falling on a home in Knoxville. SERVPRO was called in to examine the damage and then repair the damage. The storm damage was v... READ MORE

Roof Collapsed In Knoxville Home

This Knoxville home sustained serious damage from a server storm that came through East Tennessee. The roof of this home collapse from the wind and water from t... READ MORE